We thank our Family 


We have the white1media team, then we have our friends we call family.

We thank those how are with us on our adventure.

Travis Mard

Kid Bruiser

The brother of White1Media was born, and still lives, in Worcester, MA since 1992. He drives a 2014 Audi R8, its very flashy and he loves to show it off. But Travis is kindly letting strangers rent out all of his favorite cars on Turo.

Nick Kalinowski

Yung lung

Nick is an artist of sound in the 508. His savage personality and the hard bars he drops might get you hurt on the beat. Yung Lung is the rap name, you have probably smelled his smoke driving down the road.


Nico is ride or die. He keeps that front wheel up free spinning in the wind. Nico has several bikes and you might (not) catch him riding something different everyday throughout Florida.


Jayson goes in and goes in hard. He drives a Honda Civic Si low and slow in good, clean, style. Not only is he a car enthusiast, but he rides BMX. This guy can jump over his own car!

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